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Back Pain

What is Back Pain?
Back pain is one of the most common health issues worldwide. According to a study conducted by Georgetown Medical School, 23% of the population experiences chronic or daily back pain.

Back pain can be acute (short-term), or chronic (long-term). Acute back pain can usually be treated through conservative measures or home treatments, such as hot or cold compresses, massage therapy, or over-the-counter pain relievers. Chronic pain can be much more complicated and may require alternative and interventional treatment options to provide consistent lasting pain relief.

The Pain Specialists at Nexus Pain care are experts in diagnosing and treating all types of back pain and take an individualized approach to determine what treatment plan is right.

What Causes Chronic Pain
Back pain can be caused by injuries, other health conditions, and common diseases. For example, back pain may arise from an underlying condition, such as sciatica, degenerative spinal conditions, arthritis, or osteoporosis. It’s also common for back pain to be caused by a direct injury, overuse, or severe trauma like a car accident or fall. People can experience back pain from a variety of contributing factors:

Symptoms of Back Pain
Back pain can range from a muscle aching to a shooting, burning, or stabbing sensation. In addition, the pain may radiate down your leg or worsen with bending, twisting, lifting, standing, or walking. Patients with back pain that lasts longer than 3 months should see a specialist, as this type of pain is considered chronic.

  • A dull ache

  • Throbbing pain

  • Burning sensation

  • Shooting pains

Treating Chronic Pain
If your experiencing ongoing or chronic back pain and it doesn’t seem to get better, come see one of our specialists at Nexus Pain Care. They can help you find relief so you can get back to living your best life! Nexus Pain Care in Salt Lake City and Provo Utah offer a variety of treatment options that will give you relief.

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